Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fashion Wear

Sequin Embroidery : Sequin embroidery work on net fabric with the help of silk thread to create wonders on the net fabric. The design is floral and is unmatched in terms of artistic excellence .
Crystal Embroidery : Fine quality tulle has been used as the base for the design and the beads have been artistically woven through silk thread and used to make floral patterns.
Swarovski Crystal Embroidery : Silver sequins crystal have been artistically placed together to create swarovski crystal embroidery that are sure to captivate anyone who sees it. Superior quality metallic thread of sliver color has been used to add charm to the sequin work.

Salwar Kameez

Silk Thread Embroidery : This silk thread embroidery depicted is truly unmatched and one glance can leave anybody captivated. In the design metallic threads of different color has been used along with colorful beads to create wonders.
Metal Thread Embroidery : Beautiful and sparkling beads have been used to give life to this beautiful metal thread embroidery that adds to the grace of the salwar kameez.

Glass Sequin Embroidery : Superior quality tulle is used as the base fabric to create glass sequin embroidery with beads and sequins on the salwar kameez. The sequins are shiny and beads are such that equally match the shine and they together are able to create a sparkling effect on the entire design .

Silver Thread Embroidery : A true masterpiece is created with the unique amalgamation of white beads and silver thread embroidery. The white beads have been used to create some magical floral patterns and the silk thread adds to its charm.

Multicolor Sequin Embroidery : The sequins have been used artistically to create magic so that it awe inspires the one who sees it. The sequins have been sewn into a floral design that makes the salwar kameez look gorgeous.


White Beads Embroidery : White beads together with white silk thread have created white baeds embroidery on sarees, as it is absolutely mesmerizing. The beads have been very artistically placed thus making the design look extremely ethereal.

Beaded Silk Embroidery : Extremely beautiful white colored beads have been used to create beaded silk embroidery that actually has a magical effect. Silk thread together with beads has been used to create floral design that can leave anyone spellbound.

Beaded Sequin Embroidery : A unique amalgamation of sequins and beads can be seen in beaded sequin embroidery. The sequins have been artistically stitched together to give the shape of flowers. Colorful beads are interestingly placed thus adding charm to the whole design.

Multicolor Embroidery : Colorful beads along with sequins have been used to create multiciolor embroidery. The beads have been wonderfully stitched to make floral designs that look heavy. The sequins are of varied colors thus adding to the charm of the intricate design.

Evening Wear

Sequin Embroidery : Superior quality silver yarn along with beads have been beautifully used to create sequin embroidery that is absolutely mesmerizing. The base used for the embroidery is tulle thus adding a touch of elegance to the entire design.

Cut Work Embroidery : A unique combination of sequins, beads and cur work embroidery is well exhibited in this evening gown. The design has a nude base with big black roses made of lace. Beads and sequins have been artistically used to make leaves and small flowers that are placed all over between the roses.

Swarovski Embroidery : A nude base has been used for this beautiful and truly awesome combination of beads and swarovski embroidery. Swarovski beads have been beautifully placed to create magic in the form of embroidery.

Beaded Silk Embroidery : Shining black beaded silk embroidery have been interestingly used to create a pattern that is sure to captivate you. Fine quality thread is used on tulle to give life to some of the most exquisite designs. The overall look of the design is tantalizing and is gorgeous, as the design is heavy and unique.

Zari Embroidery : Gold beads have been beautifully placed along with zari embroidery to create a look that is absolutely mesmerizing. The overall look of the design is pastel green thus giving it a smooth and soothing look. The beads have used in perfect coordination and the design is worked on densely thus making the design look heavy and gorgeous.

Party Wear

Silver Bead Embroidery : Silver bead embroidery have been interestingly stitched with the help of superior quality silk threads. The beads have been attached with the help of silk thread forming a honeycomb design thus making it an interesting design.
Beaded Embroidery : Colorful and gorgeous beads have been used to create beaded embroidery with silk thread on the evening gowns. The beads have been used to create geometrical patterns that are absolutely mesmerizing. Silk thread of high quality has been used to place these beads on the gown.

Golden Thread Embroidery : Superior quality sequins have been used along with golden thread embroidery to create this beautiful design on the evening gown. The design reflects dual colors, one is green and the other yellow thus adding a soft touch to the entire gown.

Sequin Beaded Embroidery : Sequins and beads have been beautifully used to create sequin beaded embroidery thus making the evening gown an item of collection. Black beads have been used to make small flowers that spreads across the gown and sequins have been placed to add shine to the design.

Metal Embroidery : An extremely gorgeous metal embroidery work can be seen here wherein there is an extensive usage of golden metallic thread thus adding a rich look to the entire design. The design has a yellow base that makes the design more prominent to see. Beads and sequins have been used to create flowers and leaves in such a manner that it makes it extremely appealing.

Wedding Gown

Beaded Net Fabric : The extensive usage of beaded net fabrics can be well seen in this embroidered wedding gowns in tulle thus making it look extremely fragile and elegant. The tulle has been used to make roses that are placed in the gown and fine embroidery with the help of silver colored beads and thread is done on superior quality net. The design is intricate and has beautiful blue beads placed in between thus adding a dash of colour and vibrancy.
Embroidered Net Fabric : Extremely fine embroidered net fabrics has been used as a base for gowns and exhibits intricate and beautiful design that has floral patterns. Silver metallic yarn, lace and beads have been expertly placed by the craftsman to add grace to the gown. The design makes the gown look feminine and adds a soft touch thus is an ideal gown for any bride's special day.
Embroidered Satin Fabric :Beautiful sequins and beads have been expertly woven to give the shape of flowers and beautiful patterns to embroidered satin fabrics. The design has satin lace beautifully folded to give the shape of a 3D rose and sequins and beads attach each such rose by way of exquisite designs. The sequins and beads used are of superior quality and have a glow that makes them all the more attractive.

Applique Work Fabrics :An extremely beautiful design that is intricate is depicted in applique work fabrics for gowns. A unique combination of beads and lace can be seen in the design thus making it a treat for the eyes. Small beads have been stitched to the satin fabric with the help of fine threads that are extremely smooth and durable at the same time

Sequin Embroidered Fabric : Small sequins interestingly put together to get a beautiful sequin embroidered fabrics that makes it a perfect apparel for the bride on her wedding. The design has small detailing like bunch of flowers clubbed together at intervals to give a charming look. Each bunch is connected with a series of sequins thus making the pattern look attractive.
Beaded Fabric : Beautiful, intricate pattern exhibited on the gown and enhanced with white and black beaded fabrics. Superior quality satin is used as base and designs that are highly intricate can be seen on the gown. The design promises to be different and unique thus making it all the more desirable. The beads used in the gown are selected with much precision and that is seen in the finish of the design.

About Zardoze

Zardozi is an ancient Persian art (Zar in Persian means gold and Dozi is embroidery) which has been passed down for many generations, dating back before the Mughal empire, reaching its zenith under the patronage of Emperor Akbar in the 17th century. Zardozi adorned the costumes of the court, wall hanging, scabbards, regal side walls of tents and the rich trappings of elephants and horses. Intricate patterns traced in gold and silver, studded with seed pearls and precious stones enhanced the shimmering beauty of silk, velvet and brocade
We the Zardozi craftsmen or zardoze (pronounced Zar - doe - zay) would like to indroduce ourselves to the world through this blog .
We are leading suppliers of unstitched hand embroidered garments to leading fashion houses in the Europe. We have been in this trade for last 15 years and we specialize in exquisite embroidered done mainly by hand in different catagories i.e. Multicolor Sequin Embroidery,Silver Thread Embroidery, Glass Sequin Embroidery, Metal Thread Embroidery, Silk Thread Embroidery etc. with quality material such as silken threads, beads, sequins, sworovski crystals in different colors and sizes, gold, silver and antique yarns and bullion, coils, cords etc. on materials like, tulles, chiffons, satins, silks, linen, nets, suede, leather etc.
Quality has always been an integral part of our operations and we lay a lot of stress on the quality of our work.. We have highly experienced designers and craftsman who specialize in rendering quality embroidery work. The materials selected for embroidery is the result of stringent quality checks and we only use .
Our quality has become our identity and thus have a credibility of our own in the market.